Friday, 18 April 2014

Chanel Inspired cases and Power Banks for your mobile from FUTUROCKS.COM

Ok, you all probably noticed my huge affection for different iPhone cases?! I love my phone to be as glamorous as I am. I think you can judge by iPhone case the personality of the owner. When I see fashionistas with plain black or white cases I just want to come up and say:"Hey, did you know about  this cool new online company based in Manchester called ?You urgently need to visit their  funky and colourful website where not only you can find latest trendy iphone cases but also a magic product without which any blogger can't exist; these days when our lives are hectic and we rely on our phones and gadgets every minute this thing is a must have  :  Futurocks Power Bank (Emergency charger ) which can power up any USB device! Those days when your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy run out of juice when you desperately need it are long gone - this small yet extremely powerful device will give you up to 100% extra charge! They come in a range of hot colours and will not only double your phone's life but will also add a lot of glamour to your everyday style. This emergency charger is just a life safer especially when I'm on the Frow at the Fashion week an need to update my Twitter /Instagram or when I record in the studio where my iPhone turns into a music station and requires some significant extra power. If you are a guy - not to worry, Futurocks Power Banks come in Black too:) . For more info please visit the web Glamourise your  lives with Futurocks beautiful products an don't be boring !

All these cases can be purchase :
The show stopper case 
To find out more about Power Banks and Designer Cases for iPhone 5 
Please visit
Irena D 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Love Heart Swing Dress from Laundry Boutique

Hey, hey! How are you all? Excited about Easter Weekend? Me too, especially because it coincides with Manchester Fashion Week! Today I'm blogging about an amazing clothing company with multiple boutiques around UK called, they will be showcasing their collection on the Manchester Fashion Week runway and I am sure will create a stir among fashion lovers with their elegant and sophisticated designs. The lovely team at Laundry Boutique has kindly sent me this fantastic dress to shine this weekend. Being a huge fan of heart print, that was love from the first sight.This Burgundy long Love Heart Swing Shirt/Dress is incredibly stylish. Moreover, it's very soft and you get that pleasant silk feel when wearing it. As we are having a bit of a heat wave here in Manchester, I took this opportunity and shot a few sunny/summery looks fo you to get inspiration for your holiday wardrobe.You can wear this piece with skinny jeans and even shorts .The classic 2.55 Chanel and leather jacket give this shirt kind of an edgy look. Lets talk about shoes now.Well, I visited my favourite shop and found these beauties. They look so different from other platforms on the market and.. yes I do have similar ones in my Steve Madden collection, but in silver. What can i do? I just have an incurable obsession with this guy..A girl can't have enough shoes!  Thanks a lot for reading
See you all soon!

Lather Jacket :Firetrap 
Dress :Laundry Boutique
Shoes :Steve Madden
Bag :Chanel 
Jewellery :Thomas Sabo ,Juicy Couture ,Chanel 

Irena D 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dress from OMG Fashion SS14 Collection

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous whole week and the sun shone particularly brightly this morning when I literally pulled the parcel from out of the scared postman's hands, next step - to style my new outfit and shoot it! Oh my god fashion is a young, vibrant and very promising online fashion company from Manchester. I've been lucky to get invited to their press party at Milton club a month ago where I met the owners and, enjoying my mojito, looked through their new collection which I immediately fell in love with. The quality and design of the clothing were impressive and you can imagine my happiness when I was offered to choose two pieces from their fantastic SS14 collection!
I have opted for two perfect summer dresses. As I'm a massive fan of red check I just had to have this Celine "inspired " dress. I paired it with Warehouse trench and classic Mulberry Mitzy bag. You can style this dress both ways - as a going out outfit  (with clutch and hight heels ) and also as an everyday option as I did just adding my favourite Mitzy and Steve Madden platforms. I can't wait to get away to sunny Spain in a couple of weeks and rock my look there as well. Fashion week is coming to Manchester next week where you can catch up with at their showcase on the 19th of April . For  more info about Manchester Fashion Easter Weekend please visit .
See you all in my next blog post my lovely readers!

Trench :Warehouse 
Shoes :Steve Madden  
Neckless :Primark
Jewellery :Chanel ,Hermes ,MK 

Irena D 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

COCO MADE ME DO IT .........Create your own design with GOT THE TSHIRT

Hello my lovely readers! It's Sunday and as usually I'm busy blogging today. I had an incredibly productive week full of fashion and music events and very promising meetings with some extremely talented people which I would like to write about. What these guys from Northern Manchester do is quite magical: they turn a boring plain t-shirt into a piece of art, you just tell them what slogan or image you want on your tee and  they will embody your ideas in a little masterpiece that will undoubtedly become the hottest piece in your wardrobe! Moreover, they also offer a wide range of pre-designed t-shirts which will appeal to everyone's taste whether you are a picky fashionista, sophisticated hipster or eccentric geek. The t-shirt I am wearing in my pictures below is a courtesy of the Got The T- Shirt team. When I was asked what I wanted on it my answer was immediate: "Coco made me do it!" Being a huge fan of Gabrielle Chanel for years I have always been impressed by her spirit of individualism and independent choice, she is still my main influence and inspiration and the phrase can be my universal reply to all those everyday questions about my unusual style and "fashion rebel"attitude - be yourself when you dress yourself, don't be generic! I have to admit that the whole service that this company provide is just unbelievable - it took them only two days to create and deliver my lovely t-shirt, needless to say that the quality is superb and the shipping is free!
The process of designing your tee is very straight forward: you just go to , choose your colour and upload your slogan or image - done! Two days and you are a proud owner of a street couture gem designed by you! I am currently thinking of expanding my new collection of fashion quote t-shirts so will be ordering more next week( I am afraid, it may become an addiction..)
This week is the time for the last preparations before MANCHESTER FASHION WEEK so my schedule will be pretty hectic but I promise to find a few minutes to write something fashionable and glamorous for you, my fashionistas!
I hope you all have an amazing week ahead, see you in my next posts!

Всем привет ! Вот и наступили входные, а погода продолжает ужасать своими не по-весеннему холодными дождями и ветрами..Сегодня мой пост я хотела бы посвятить очень талантливым ребятам, владельцам онлине шоп За считанные минуты они превратят твою скучную белую майку в произведение искусства, твой любой каприз креативности будет воплощён в маленький шедевр, который по достоинству займёт почётное место в твоём шкафу. Если ты не уверен в своих дизайнерских способностях - не беда, магазин предлагает широкую коллекцию уже готовых маек, в которой каждый - будь то капризная фэшиониста, изысканный хипстер или мрачный гик- найдёт себе что-то по вкусу. Когда ребята предложили создать мне свою майку и спросили, что бы я хотела увидеть на ней, ответ последовал незамедлительно: COCO MADE ME DO IT  Будучи ярым обожателем " нового старого" трэнда маек с кричащими слоганами и уже долгие годы являясь верным почитателем таланта великой Габриель Шанель, этой  бесстрашной и независимой "бунтарке" моды, эта фраза, по сути, может служить " универсальным" ответом на ежедневные вопросы, которые задают мне по-поводу моего анти-мэйстримовского стиля и " инди"  позиции - будь стойкой и индивидуальной в своём стиле как Коко, будь уникальной, будь собой! Мой подарок был создан и доставлен в два дня, и вот он уже часть моего новом наряда! 
Великолепный ( и довольно доступный) способ почувствовать себя кутюрье ( правда, настораживает то, что это может превратиться в опасную привычку - на прошлой неделе я уже сделала несколько новых заказов )
Эту неделю я собираюсь посвятить последним приготовлениям перед Неделе моды в Манчестере   так что график будет напряженный, но я обещаю выкроить несколько минут, чтобы написать пару строчек о мире моды и гламура для моих дорогих читателей)
Я желаю всем удачи, до скорой встречи в новых постах!
Ваша Ирэн

I created this T-shirt  on
Skirt :Asos 
Shoes :Office 
Leather jacket :Firetrap
Chanel Perfume 3D Crystal  Bottle Case :Futurocks
Chanel Vintage Cuff:Mum's 
Watch :MK
Pearls :Chanel 

Irena D 

Monday, 31 March 2014

EVENT : Manchester Arndale Spring/Summer'14 Inside Fashion Magazine

This Thursday me and other members of Mancunian  fashion gang have been invited by Arndale Team to #tweetseataccess event . Our fantastic journey began when we met with the stylist behind the new SS/14 Arndale's Inside Fashion Magazine who solemnly introduced us into this season key trends:

3.3D Florals
4.Bold Statements

First we visited  Dorothy Perkins store, where stylist  entrusted us with a few secrets about how to wear Pastels which turned out to be not as simple as it seemed at first sight
This trend is extremely "yummy" due to its "candy"colours so one should be careful when using pastel  pieces in his outfit in order not to become a "colour bomb", you just can't stop indulging in buying more and more of those bubble gum pink and lemon yellow clothes, it becomes your sweetest obsession! So it is essential to put yourself on a strict " diet" if you want a "healthy" outfit, just one or two pastel pieces or accessories in combination with black and white will do the trick.

Next stop was Monsoon/Accessorize personal shopping room where we've "drowned" in an ocean of beautiful 50's inspired 3D floral dresses by Monsoon and statement accessories by Accessorize. Our lovely stylist "splilled the beans" about who the collection was inspired by ( Mattew Williamson, Christopher Kane)  and how to look unique and stunning when wearing floral pieces this season. Accessorize are successfully keeping up with a 3D Floral trend making us fall in love with their  3D bold necklaces and rings.. We got lost in a magic kingdom of flowers, even flip-flops were embellished with daisies!

After leaving a fascinating floral world we found ourselves in a shoes heaven ......Kurt Geiger. Are you ready for an intergalactic trip to a planet of Paintbox high hills? Fasten your belts and forget about your last month credit card statement - you are about to lose gravitation! Once you saw those bright neon or coral shoes you will immediately get into a state of weightlessness and will land on earth only in a fitting room. They are hot, they are out of this planet, just put them on and you will feel like a First Woman in Fashion Space!

As to the Bold Statements trend, for me this is the most dangerous area as I simply lose control when I see those dazzling prints hypnotising me from the New Look, River Island and Next shop displays. Geometric and Aztec, neon and monochrome patterns make my head swim. Simply partner your bold print pieces with clashing bright statement accessories and add a neon lipstick or lipgloss - the streets will explode with admiration and jealousy!

Our day at Arndale was full of colourful emotions and endless inspiration, a perfect mixture of amazing people and simply beautiful clothes, an unforgettable treat  for a colour-addicted fashionista... Thank you Arndale, see you very soon!

Manchester Arndale new Inside Magazine 
3D Floral Statement Necklaces 
Floral Heaven with Monsoon
Pretty Pastels with Dorothy Perkins
Intergalactic shoes  from Kurt Gaiger

Dazzling prints from Bold Statement Trend 

Don't forget to pick up a copy of new Inside SS14 Magazine to find out more about key trends.
Also visit  for news and discounts. 

Irena D 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rock Chick Irena in Ancoats Manchester

Last week the weather surprised us with some unexpected sunny days that instantly put me in a state of fashion rebellion - the overpowering sounds and colours of spring carried me back to the streets of the 80's post punk London and New York full of anarchic energy and new wave glam. When creating my outfit I was inspired by such music icons as Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Sioux - black leather jacket( All Saints), ripped jeans ( H&M), tee with a radical slogan ( Topshop ). In order to make it more " avantgarde" I combined it with my All Saints long knitted cardigan and put on my lovely brogues ( which also added a bit of warm" englishness " to my obscure punk rock look). I am not only a big fan of Blondie's and Siouxsie's fashion style but also a huge admirer of their music which influence can be heard in my songs. I just love that revolutionary spirit of feminism and individualism which runs through their music and fashion uniting them into one indivisible thing. Go girl power!

На прошлой неделе погода нас неожиданно порадовала парой беспрецедентно тёплых для мартовского Манчестера дней и меня тут же захлестнуло каким-то неописуемым весенним бунтарством - меня унесло лавиной звуков и красок на улицы пост-панковского Лондона и Нью- Йорка 80-х, наполненных энергией арт-анархии и гламуром Новой Волны. В шуме колёс чёрных кэбов и даблдекеров я услышала мелодии песен Дебби Харри и Сьюзи Сью - и через несколько мгновений мой наряд был готов: черная кожаная куртка ( All Saints ), рваные джинсы ( H&M ), майка с радикальным слоганом ( Topshop ). Чтобы внести нотку " готического авангарда" я надела длинный вязаный кардиган All Saints и " разбавила" мрачную рок - палитру тёпло-коричневыми брогс - Лондонская Rock Chick  готова к бою! 
Хочу отметить, что я не только ярая поклонница фашион стиля Блонди и  Сьюзи , но и верный фанат их творчества, влияние которого чётко прослеживаетса в моих песнях; я просто обожаю тот дух феминизма и индивидуализма , которым наполнены их альбомы где мода, стиль и музыка является единым целым. Go Girl Power !

Leather Jacket :ALL SAINTS 
Cardigan :All SAINTS 
Brogues :ASOS 
Sunglasses :ASOS 
Debbie Harry(Blondie )

Irena D

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